Thursday, June 15, 2006

U.S. Opposes Democracy In Somalia

It seems that, whatever their faults, the Islamic groups now in power in Mogadishu, Somalia are preferred by the general population to the U.S.-backed warlords that have been in power since 1991.

...the residents of Mogadishu, who have been able to move freely around the city for the first time in years. For many here that is enough to suggest the Islamists are the good guys.
"We don't believe they are like the Taliban," says Ahmed Mohamed Wasuge, who owns a hardware shop. "At the moment the sharia courts are working for us and have brought peace and security, which all the communities of Mogadishu welcome."

[Rob Crilly, "Mogadishu's unfamiliar calm," Christian Science Monitor, June 15, 2006]

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