Monday, June 12, 2006

The U.S. as Rogue State

The U.S. usage of the death penalty in defiance of international human rights norms has caused most of the world's governments to refuse to extradite criminal suspects to the US unless provided with guarantees that the suspects' elementary rights (not being subject to the death penalty) will be protected. In response, the US government has turned to illegal international kidnapping (euphamistically referred to as "rendition") to seize whom it pleases.

A Human Rights Watch researcher notes that the use of illegal detention and torture "has severely compromised the chances of prosecuting terrorist suspects." Yet another illustration that the Bush administration does not prioritize combating terrorism - even the "retail terrorism" (non-state terrorism) of the enemy.

[Mithre J. Sandrasagra, "A Hindrance to U.S. War on Terror, Say Rights Groups," Inter Press Service, June 10, 2006]

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