Monday, June 12, 2006

U.S. Bravely Combats Asymmetrical Warfare

The first successful suicides occurred at Guantanamo Bay on Saturday, the culmination of dozens of attempts in the past several years by prisoners at the camp who are held "lawlessly" in the words of Human Rights Watch. Although rights groups (HRW and others) said the deaths were "driven by despair," the camp commander saw through such phony baloney - the suicides were "not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us." The "warfare" is "asymmetrical" because "They have no regard for life, either ours or their own." Such justifications almost defy comment. The notion that the enemy does not share the West's sacred reverence for life is recurrent throughout our history, though this instance is perhaps exceptionally absurd.

Kevin brought my attention to this article. ["Triple suicide at Guantanamo camp," BBC News, 11 June 2006]

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