Thursday, January 12, 2006

US Seeks to Keep Israel, Arabs on Peace Track

Now I know I'm not exactly unearthing stunning revelations here, but this AP article ["Discreetly, U.S. plans for future," The Associated Press, 1/7/2006] carried in USA Today (the largest circulation paper in the U.S.) contained a sentence so baldly regurgitating the propaganda line it takes one's breath away.

The article is on U.S. moves post-Sharon and discusses how the US will try to keep Israel on the course set by Sharon (illustrating clearly, if anyone doubted it, just how much the US approved of him).

The sentence in question reads as follows:
Mideast history is instructive, with predictions often off the mark. But there are constants: U.S. efforts to maintain order and keep Israel and the Arabs on a peace track.

Those are the reporter's words - not a quotation from a source.


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