Tuesday, January 10, 2006

U.S. Invasion of Iraq Not the Fault of Israel

Stephen Zunes recently published an excellent article [Stephen Zunes, "The U.S. Invasion of Iraq: Not the Fault of Israel and Its Supporters," (Silver City, NM & Washington, DC: Foreign Policy In Focus, January 4, 2006)] exploring the nature of the U.S. government's relationship to Israel.

An excerpt:
Throughout Europe in past centuries, the ruling class of a given country would, in return for granting limited religious and cultural autonomy, set up certain individuals in the Jewish community to become the visible agents of the oppressive social order, such as tax collectors and money lenders. When the population would threaten to rise up against the ruling class, the rulers could then blame the Jews, sending the wrath of an exploited people against convenient scapegoats, resulting in the pogroms and other notorious waves of repression which have taken place throughout the Jewish Diaspora over the centuries.

The idea behind Zionism was to break this cycle through the creation of a Jewish nation-state, where Jews would no longer be dependent on the ruling class of a given country. The tragic irony is that this cycle has been perpetuated through Israel being used by Western powers to maintain their interests in the Middle East . Great Britain and France , in their unsuccessful military campaign to bring “regime change” to Egypt in 1956, enlisted Israel in their fight. Subsequent to 1967, in ways described above, the United States has used Israel to advance its strategic interests in the region and beyond.


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