Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stupidity Outdoes Itself

It is almost uncanny the degree to which four-and-a-half decades worth of U.S. administrations has engaged in the same collossally repugnant attempts to isolate Cuba, efforts ranging from the extremely damaging in terms of human consequences (the embargo/blockade), to the extremely petty.

In a renewed attempt at the extremely petty (which, not surprisingly, backfired), Washington initially blocked Cuba's athletes from participating in the upcoming World Baseball Classic, for the imagined fear of propping up Castro.

And, as is the typical outcome of pathetic U.S. attempts to isolate Castro, Cuba has made the U.S. look the geopolitical fool by announcing that it will donate all proceeds from the Classic to Hurricane Katrina victims.

I'll update later with the announcement of my personal campaign to block the U.S. team from the World Cup because I don't wany tax money filtering down to the Bush Administration's coffers.


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